Recruitment Consultancy With a Clear Goal

To Truly Advance Your Company

GET AHEAD is your recruitment consultancy for highly qualified specialists and leaders in middle and upper management roles. Our mission goes beyond filling vacancies and focuses instead on helping your organization get ahead in the long-term by enabling you to select from the best candidates in the market.

GET AHEAD is not just a name, it is our promise to you and our mission statement: every new search is a fresh challenge and we put all our energy and ambition into closing it swiftly and competently. Every interview and every successful search is an opportunity for us to become even better as individuals, as consultants and as your strategic partners.

The essence of GET AHEAD is our promise to our clients and to ourselves: To approach each assignment with new ambition and wholehearted passion. It's our conviction that to continuously improve on a daily basis it is necessary to challenge our selves again and again. It is because we operate in this way that we are able to keep our promise to you: To truly advance your company.


We are proud: Our new website is online! Fresh in hanseatic style, functional in usability and fully fitted to our slogan: Bringing companies truly forward