Advisory board

Dr. Jörg Knaack

Academic and Senior Advisor

Dr Jörg Knaack has over 30 years of experience successfully helping international corporations and companies to fill leadership positions.

With post-doctoral qualifications in biotechnology and economics, Knaack held an executive position with a producer of agricultural goods and was for many years professor of economics and human resources management at the University of Applied Sciences in Bernburg before realising his passion for leadership and management diagnostics and selection at the end of the 1980s. After decades of success as a partner at an international HR consultancy, he is passing on his extensive, evidence-based, empirical expertise and his scientifically informed insights in the fields of HR diagnostics, and in recruiting and selecting executives.

Beside his work recruiting leadership talent, his main focus is the on-going adaptation, optimisation and efficient implementation of the tools and methods he developed for evidence-based HR diagnostics. As a member of the Academy for Neuro-Scientific Education Management (AFNB) he has achieved ground-breaking results by acting as a mediator between research and praxis. His main clients are international corporations and industrial production companies.

Skills and expertise: management auditing, board services (DAX and MDAX)

Sectors: industrial, electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical and plant engineering, transport engineering including rail.

Contact:, T +49.(0)40.20 209-139