Internationally experienced

Think global, network local
Our recipe for success in international business

Whether it’s China, America, or Europe, the strategy for international success is the same. Only those who know the peculiarities of a country and are able to match the culture of a business with the personality of a candidate can achieve on-going success.

The HR consultancy GET AHEAD doesn’t just know how international markets work – we also know the local conditions on the ground. Your GET AHEAD consultants can support you for projects in Italy, Great Britain, the USA, or the Far East as much in Hamburg or Frankfurt.

With 37 local partners in 25 countries, we have expertise in headhunting and executive search on the ground – for example, for the appointment of a general manager in France, a plant manager in Belgium, a sales director in Spain, a president for China, or an expert in the establishment of a specific banking business in Russia. All this is made possible by our partner organisation Friisberg & Partners International, a globally active executive search group.

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The advantages at a glance:

  • 30 local partners in over 20 countries
  • Headhunting and executive search on the ground
  • Partner organisation Friisberg & Partners International
  • Globally active executive search group