Top candidates want to be approached about their next career step.
I view bringing these candidates together with their potential
employers as my challenge.
The successful results of this work is what motivates me day after day!

Martin Struve

Martin Struve

For more than 10 years, Martin Struve has been recruiting specialists and executive staff in various positions via his personal networks and through head-hunting and executive search.

Before coming to GET AHEAD, Martin Struve was Head of Recruiting at a leading international certification and classification society, where he supported the executive staff, advising them on their merger with a competitor. Additionally, he was in charge of their employer branding, and as a Project Manager was responsible for the decision to transfer all their recruiting services to a shared service centre in Poland. Following this, as HR Manager and a member of the international management team, Mr Struve was responsible for tasks such as carrying out a comprehensive restructuring of the entire organisation.

Previously, Martin Struve worked for several years as a Consultant in a high-profile, international HR consultancy, and as a Branch Manager of a mid-tier, owner-run company.

Upon completing his training as an insurance broker and studies in facilitation and presentation techniques and media presentation, Mr Struve first gained professional experience as an Editor and Presenter, and as an Area Sales Manager with a premium automobile manufacturer.


  • Renewable energies
  • Maritime economy
  • TIC (Testing Inspection Certification)

Skills and expertise:

  • Human resources
  • Branch and section management
  • Presenting & editing
  • Staff leadership & staff development
  • Sales & marketing