Chief Human Resources Officers

It would be hard to find a position which is being subjected to more significant transformations than the CHRO. At a time in which working environments are undergoing a fundamental restructuring, a CHRO also needs to be able to confront challenges such as specialist skilled labour shortages and the new demands of Generation Y. Having a strong personnel policy that underpins and complements the overall business strategy is one of the decisive competitive factors for a business today.

For more than 20 years, GET AHEAD has been monitoring the developments in the labour market, and has a great understanding of the challenges presented by these transformations. As one of Germany’s leading executive search consultancy firms, we place a particular focus on the selection of candidates who contribute to the consolidation of a clear personnel policy.

Key features:

  • Shows flexibility in an age of transformation
  • Knows how to deal with skills shortages and the demands of Generation Y
  • Consolidates the business policy with their personnel selections
  • Carries out a clear personnel policy