Chief Information Officers

As the head of the entire IT apparatus of a company, in this age of digital transformations, the CIO has a huge responsibility. They are involved in day-to-day business operations and are tasked with ensuring that IT systems function smoothly, since just a single interruption can have far-reaching implications. In addition to this, a competent CIO also needs to keep abreast of current trends and innovations, in order to be able to quickly introduce innovations and create competitive advantages.

One of the focuses of the personnel consultancy provided by GET AHEAD is our knowledge of digital developments. This provides our advisors with an understanding of exactly what is at stake in the selection of the ideal CIO. We understand that a top candidate does not just have to fit perfectly with a company, but should also bring their own innovative ideas.

Key Traits:

  • Head of the entire IT apparatus
  • Ensures smooth functioning of IT systems
  • Keeps abreast of current trends and innovations
  • Introduces innovations in a timely manner


Florian Crefeld