Evidence-based diagnostics

Empirical, reliable, scientific
Find the top candidates

Leaders, executives, specialists: if you can identify the candidates with the greatest potential, you’ll enjoy a decisive advantage. But what indicators can you trust to reveal to you a candidate’s ability to perform? Traditional intelligence and personality tests just don’t stack up.

GET AHEAD works with evidence-based diagnostics – for a professional selection-process on the basis of empirically proven insights. Evidence-based procedures have already proven themselves in medicine, pharmacology and education. GET AHEAD expertly applies both the latest research and years of experience in our interviews.

Self-control, will-power, motivation, persistence or resilience: traditional structured interviewing or common methods of headhunting fail to reveal whether or not a candidate possesses the desired characteristics. A special questioning technique is called for. GET AHEAD’s evidence-based diagnostics markedly increase the efficiency and reliability of the selection-process.

Validated methods enable:

  • Effectiveness and efficiency in personnel selection
  • Reliable prognoses about the attitude and performance of leadership talent
  • An objective, valid, more conclusive basis for selection decisions
  • Optimal development of the right staff