Executive assessment

Adding Our Expertise to Your Staffing Decisions

Executive and other key positions in a company should be occupied by people who have the potential to become a key factor in the success of the company. In order to ensure you make the right staffing decisions, we produce customised assessments which are aligned to your needs.

An executive assessment is made on the basis of a detailed requirement analysis which is tailored to the individual position and the company’s own skills profile. Our processes include narrative and background interviews, personality questionnaires and cognitive tests, case studies, simulations and presentations.

By way of this multimodal approach, we are able to produce a sophisticated profile of a candidate’s suitability to the demands of the position in terms of personality traits, potential and skills relevant to a successful organisational match.

Our process is scientifically validated and is continually being refined in light of current research outcomes. In this way, we offer diagnostically valuable selection or development recommendations in order to help you make the best possible staffing decisions. At the end of an executive assessment, both client and candidate receive personalised feedback and an informative outcome summary.

At a Glance:

  • Scientifically validated methodologies
  • Requirement-based set-up
  • Targeted analysis of all relevant aspects
  • Development of a sophisticated profile in terms of motivation, skills and potential
  • Personalised feedback summary provided in writing
  • Duration is usually one day